Sour Note Calm

I wrote this poem a long time ago. like 5 or 6 years. I
was in a bluzy mood and wondered if I was going write lyrics for a blues ballad, what would it sound like. So this has no attachment to anyone in particular, just was trying to catch a bluzy song.

Sour Note Calm
by David S Keith

A sour note calm has got me, lonely times are ahead.
My baby’s gone and left me, lonely nights in my bed.

Sour note calm hangin’ round me, full of unease and suspense,
Working me with its rhythm, in my present tense.

I can feel my music changing, sour note to the sweet
The rest I need is a comin’, a’ drumming to the beat.

Sour note calm keeps me draggin’,
Sour note calm keeps me dry,
Sour note calm keeps the sun down,
Filling my blue with dark sky.

Sour note calm is a fever, burning on my mind,
It seizes me with its fingers, wraps my heart in a bind.

Sour note calm—let me go now, the sun’s gonna shine on me.
You think you’re the Master of all men, but the only Master is He.

Tonight my tune is a changin’, steady on sure to flirt,
A sweet girl caught my fancy, pretty lips in a skirt.

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