It is humbling…

It is very humbling to feed a young woman her breakfast because she is too autistic to tell you she’s hungry, but functional enough to sometimes be able to use a spoon. It is humbling to watch a spirit, “trapped” in a body that wont allow her to communicate all she feels, so only pure emotion and frustration surface. When she is not understood, or cannot get her needs met, she strikes her own head–her ears bearing years of scars and healing in the form of large keloid scars.

It is humbing to think, that something as simple as telling another human, I think I am tired, do you mind letting me rest? or I am very sad, and I cannot seem to be comforted, will you love me? Can never be said by some who need it most. A very humbling thing to watch.

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  1. Wow, that would be. Every time I get frustrated with my own problems and my kids, someone reminds me that there are more problems and worse ones out there. Thanks :)

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