A poem for Match

Twas the night before match and all through the land
Every student was stirring–in fear of fates hand

All the rank lists were sent with the greatest of care
In hopes that Doc So-and-so would grant their dear prayer

For in just a few hours, at high noon precicely
The server would jam as we all log on nicely

Some with a scream and others with tears
Will see where they’re heading for the next couple years

Oh Match don’t you fail me, please find me a place
One with the training you just can’t replace

As I fall asleep tongight–if I can sleep at all
I think of where I might be living this fall

No matter the locàl, no matter the city
I be living inside until I’m pasty white pretty

For interns are abused as much as they can be
Living in hospitals without the sun friendly

Noon will come soon, our first choices in sight
Merry Match day to all, and to all a good night

David and Julie Keith

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