My first international incident….

So we went out to see the attraction of a statue being placed in a dedicated temple. The people were pulling it on a large wagon, with lights, and a procession of women with potted plants on their head with beautiful flowers and designs. Well, as we approached, everyone was watching us, and then they came….hordes of them out of no where…children coming from every place. Some of them were trying out their English, asking us our names and our parent’s names. They were even trying out swear words and phrases they’d picked up on TV. Some tried to trick us into using bad words on them. They were pretty funny.
There were a couple girls who were following us as well. Most of the horde was boys. Once they saw me taking pictures, they asked me over and over to take their picture and show it to them. Some adults would also come up and gently asked if they could have their picture taken.

It was truly an international “incident” as it was the first up close an personal look I had of the Tamuli people, other than walking around them.
It was fun.

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  1. Lexa Montierth says:

    I love learning about other cultures, but most of all I like seeing that all children are the saem. Thanks for the insight!

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