The Palace in Madurai

Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal (palace) This is the palace of a past ruler, I have a picture of the history, and It is HUGE.  Built in the 1600s, and used to be part of a large complex, it is still standing because of its history and a later ruler who kept it up.  It is amazing.  It has a large court, and beautiful straight and arranged columns.

I have several pictures of the columns and the artwork in stone.  It is built entirely of stone, no wood in the construction.  The artwork in the halls is amazing! The balustrades and statues are carved with such detail—all by hand.

The central court is where the subjects would congregate as he would do daily business.  Then in the Back corner was the living quarters—and a huge indoor pool/bath for the family.  The artwork in that room was incredible.

The archeologists filled that room with statues from several ages of India’s past. Most were statues of the gods of the the Hundu, such as Vishna, Shiva, and the like.

The Hindu religion is fascinating.  There is not true leader, but there have been multiple people with guiding principles that has divided Hinduism over and over until there are many sects, similar to the Reformation movement of the Christians over the last several hundred years.  Then there would come up a wise man, with thoughts about a shift or about an emphasis on a certain god and there would be a following, and then a whole new sect would be born.  There is incredible tolerance between them in general, and its amazing to see them interact.  The men and sometimes women wear the signs of their god on their heads, ash in a line across the forehead for Shiva, and a vertical line for Vishna.

Even with those movements, the temples are shared by all.  They are beautiful and the stonework, craftsmanship is unbelievable.  Here are some shots.

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  1. Robin Keith says:

    Wow…this was amazing. Keep sharing. Reading daily. Sending Christmas box this week. Got purses to Sarah and Micah.

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