The town celebration

We are in the town of Thenkarai, Madhurai, which is a ways from Madurai, India, but we commute there every day.

The day we got to town, there was a fantastic celebration for the rededication of one of the temples in town. This only happens every twelve years.  They washed, and cleansed the temple, sang songs, had readings from the holy books of the Hindu.  There was a loudspeaker and a sound system that broadcast the proceedings all over town.  When we got into town it was already in full swing and may have been going on for a couple days.  The people were active and preparing for It all over town.

When we got settled in, we went into town and saw many great and wonderful site(to be posted soon), and when we returned home, the celebration was still going on.  When it became dark, we went outside and saw them pulling a large statue by 2 dozen men, and a line of women with pots on their heads following.  It made procession all around town.  While we followed it, the kids surrounded us and wanted their picture taken, as well as some of the adults.

After the statue was carefully placed in the temple, there was a stage program that was arranged with a troup from the local town of Madurai.  There were several musicians playing local music with a couple opening acts.

The first was a man dressed up in a very shiny outfit.  He seemed to tell jokes and be funny.  The people kept a straight face, except for a few instances when he did a funny impression.  He also sang and played along with the music.

The next act was a woman who danced and sang and told jokes.  Dr. V explained the first guy was a comic, essentially, and this woman seemed in a similar vein, but she danced a lot more.

The music group had a few songs of their own to open and in between.  We left about 11 pm.  The celebration continued to about 4 am.  The main act was the story of the gods that was acted out by the troupe.  We never got to see it because of our tiredness and we had to work tomorrow.

Here are some scenes  from our night. (Click to enlarge)


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  1. Your Wifie says:

    Haha, those ladies are carrying salads on their heads. :) And they don’t look particularly happy about you taking their picture.

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