Whirl wind adventure on the other side of India

Here is the first Installment of the “Weekend Adventure India 2012.”  I haven’t had time to sort through the pics and stuff, but I’ll start sending them out.

So first, we left from Thenkarai, where we were at and drove through the mountains of Tamil Nadu and Kerela to the other side of the sub-continent.

We stopped first at a wildlife reserve and took a boat tour for an hour and a half of the area.  It was awesome.  Periyar National Park was the place, and the boats were very cool!  We were top deck, wearing our life preservers and taking shots.  There was collection of Monkeys hanging out near the dining arrangements, but we were fenced in by gates, so they just watched.

The shores had barking dear, some king of warthog/pig, and water buffalo.  Sometimes they have elephants and of course tigers, but not for us.  I have included the picts here.  It was awesome.

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