About me

I am David.

I am a son, husband, father, student, thinker, dreamer, doer, failer, believer, tryer, retryer, artist, writer, and all around jack of all trades. I can’t say there is one thing I am really good at, except being human, and being myself. Polymath minds are minds that can’t be experts in one things, they just try and excel in many things. They see connections between arts and sciences, inner thoughts and the thoughts of others. Much to learn in this world.

Favorite Color: Cobalt Blue

Favorite Foods: Pizza and Julie’s soups

Favorite Poets:

Favorite Painters: Rembrant, da Vinci

Favorite Thinkers:Da Vinci

Favorite Leaders: Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, Jr, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington

To be continued at a more lucid time…

One Response to About me

  1. Robin Keith says:

    You are my amazing first born son. Be safe.

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