Art and Hunger

I heard this story on NPR about a man named Michael Nye, who did an art collection based on Hunger. It was amazing to hear the stories that people who experienced real hunger went through, and then when I got home, I was able to view the images that went with them. He would spend several days with his subjects, interviewing and taking photographs, then he’d make a small short audio clip and share an image that went with it. It was very touching.

A photograph by Michael Nye, as part of his collection on hunger, click to visit the site with her story.

It was very moving to hear the stories of these people, and amazing how he used photography and journalism to present it. He is a lawyer by trade.

I highly recommend looking at his web exhibits.
About Hunger

So, is this art?

Jackson Pollock(1912-1956) was an American Artist with one of the most unique artist because of the way he painted. He really didn’t paint objects, he painted…well, take a look. This is Autumn Rhythm

Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock

Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock

So, here’s an example of what Elizabeth Gilbert was saying. He redefined a whole art movement with his ideas of paints, “dripping” and “pouring” techniques. And in the end, he was a heavy drinker, struggled with depression, and ultimately died in a car crash, under the influence of alcohol.
So? Brilliant guy, painter extroidinaire, and major personality and addiction struggles. People expected a lot out of him and he changed his style as time went on, from dripping to darker panes…anyway, all in all, he spent time exploring his craft.
I admire that. Trying new things, even when the world says “You’re all good. You’re the best.”  We can always try new things.